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Fitness Marketing Strategies | 1:1 Mentor | Consultation

Are you a gym/studio owner or a fit pro who needs more profit, members & higher retention rates, but you're not sure how to do?
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Are you having issues retaining members in your fitness business?

This post is for you.

Recommend your members to try new things from your offering.

If they only used the gym, speak to them about the benefits of saunas/yoga/pilates/etc.

Or offer them, for example a complimentary badminton/sq...

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Myth; most people make decisions purely based on the cost of membership. Nope.

So what people consider when join a gym/pt?

They tend to consider the benefits rather than price.

Why's this important?

You spend lots of money/time generating leads.

And it'll be wasted if you can’t actually conv...

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In case you need a few tips on engaging with your fitness members/clients and ultimately increase retention rates.

You should market your new fitness programme or service before it's ready. 😳🤨🤔

BUT only if the circumstances are right. What do I mean by that?

Well, it's pretty obvious that you have nothing to sell until your service is complete.

And certainly, there will be issues with it, you will exper...

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Hi, I'm Viki & my mission is to help thousands of people live a happier & healthier lives by my work.

I want to lower the costs of the NHS.

How do I do this?

I work with independent gyms/studios, health clubs, fitness professionals, personal trainers, small chains & franchises.

I help increas...

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👉 3 seriously easy ways to generate extra income (with 1 single tip) for your fitness studio/gym. 👇👇👇

If you're looking for ways to cover overheads and make some money aside that you can invest in later, read on.

One reasonably easy method is to incentivise your staff to sell.

This is a su...

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I say it, check out your competitors on these things to win more members. 👇

We all know, it's not easy to run a fitness business.

Crowded market, price wars 👉 due to lack of differentiation.

Seemingly you have the same offering than your competitors.


Well, no 2 businesses are t...

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"So why should I join your gym?"

"Because I have a state of art gym/studio."

I see... you had a deal with a gym equipment company & your gym has good stuff.

That's brilliant, good on you!

But this isn't a good enough reason for your ideal clients to join you. They have plenty of options.

To ...

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A lot of marketers are selling their service to fitness businesses.

“Come & work with me, I’ll get you fast results & your business will be thriving in 14 days following my secret formula."

“If you don’t work me, you’re back to being stuck in the “broke” zone & having a lot of desire but no cla...

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a month ago
Viktoria is a fantastic person to work with, positive, friendly and she brings lots of ideas, energy and different perspectives. I would highly recommend her, because she has in depth knowledge of the sector and delivers a great service on time.
- Kevin W
2 months ago
Viktoria was very accommodating (I rocked up to the appointment 30 mins too early!) and friendly. She was quick to suss me out and came up with some good solutions for my business. I gained a bit of confidence back too.
- Sally F
3 months ago
Friendly and knowledgeable. I had her Instant Marketing Help for a marketing campaign. She very quickly gave me several ideas and helped me prioritise. It's well worth the money.
- Amanda R

Let's tackle your marketing challenges

Are you a gym/studio owner or a fitness professional who needs more profit, members & higher retention rates - but you're not sure how to do it?

Do you feel slightly lost & frustrated because you constantly think about overheads or the unknown?

Would you like to grow your business & increase your profit but you feel you'd struggle to achieve this as you don't have a working marketing strategy?

You’re brilliant at what you do & you feel you run around in circles.

You want more profit & more members.

Hire more staff & open new locations.

Or selling fitness/nutritional programs online.

You need someone reliable, whom you can trust & understands your business. Someone who helps if you feel stuck & gives actionable & realistic advice.

Someone who you can speak through issues with & bounce off ideas.

If so, here I am to help.

There's no reason for someone to take the hard road if it isn't necessary.

Why me?

Because I grew up as an Olympian's daughter, been in competitive sports from a young age, owned & ran a sports club myself & trained people across all ages for years.

After sports injuries I became a strategist & economist & have ~15 years of hands-on work experience in the marketing profession.

I can safely say I know what it takes to grow your fitness business. I've been there. I trained over 10,000 people over the years. And managed to keep my members usually for 3 - 4 years. And I can bring my knowledge to serve YOUR business. 

I have extensive industry knowledge. I’ve been there and done that. I know what you’re going through, and what your risks are. I understand you, your business and your members. And know exactly the pains of running a business.

Also, based on my strategic planning & changes I achieved these results in many businesses;

🔥 20 - 270% increase in business growth
🔥 30 - 40% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
🔥 20 - 40% marketing budget saved
🔥 15 - 25% increase in repeat business
🔥 800 - 1,775% Return On Investment

Who I work with?

I have a soft spot for the recreational & leisure industry. It gave me the power to achieve incredible things and to survive tough times.

I work with independent gyms/studios, health clubs, fitness professionals, personal trainers, small chains and franchises.

I help them grow by 20 - 270% through solving their marketing challenges.

Do I only work with them?

No, I work with different businesses too, but my "favourite ones" are definitely sport/fitness related.

Do you want to...

✅ have more profit, members & build your brand by DIYing your marketing?
✅ tackle your challenges & increase growth whilst reducing costs?
✅ gain clarity, focus, ideas, or a reality check?

Do you want to benefit from...

✅ seeing a different perspective?
✅ getting some expert advice?
✅ staying longer in business?
✅ receiving some encouragement?

If you answered yes or nodded to these questions, perhaps I can help you. Drop me an email, click on the 'make appointment' ('book' on mobile) or go to the link below and let's see how we can work together.

What do I love most about what I do?

I help thousands of people combat mental and physical health problems. Indirectly, by working with you. And this is pretty awesome if you ask me.

I love that I'm being able to make a difference, not ripping off clients and producing great work.

I also love the flexibility, freedom and sheer variety of people I get to engage with. In particular, I love getting to know fitness professionals and exploring their business & marketing strategies/plans and change them for good. 

How can you work with me?

Schedule your 15-minute chat with me!

When you book your consultation we’ll follow my 3 steps system to be able to understand your business;  

1. Call for a basic understanding of your needs & issues
2. Questionnaire tailored to your business
3. Call to confirm our appointment or saying goodbye

I'll only charge you for the consultation.

Drop me an email, click on the 'make appointment' ('book' on mobile) or go to the link below and let's see how we can work together.

🌟 £999 for a one-day consultation - anything & everything about how to get more profit, members & retain them as long as possible. Ask me about this.

🌟 £1,499 for the 3 month 9-hours 1:1 Fitness Marketing Mentoring - click on the 'make appointment' button ('book' on mobile) to book a 15-minute chat to see whether we're a good fit for each other and to see that I'm able to help you or not.

🌟 £99 for 1 hour Instant Marketing Help 'pick my brain about fitness marketing' via phone or Zoom - click  on the 'make appointment' ('book' on mobile) to book!

Let's make your business successful, so we can contributes to lower the costs of the NHS & help thousands of people live a happier & healthier lives!


Before you launch a marketing campaign...

And also because I approach all my projects in a way that successfully delivers the business’s needs, we need to make sure your business has the right prerequisites before launching any marketing campaign.

This is important because the last thing I want is to waste money and time on something that cannot be that profitable without the necessities.

These are;
❓ minimum viable offer
❓ understanding of your audience/niche
❓ your core messaging
❓ processes & systems to handle an increase in sales

Your marketing should be driving your business growth so if you don’t have the above-mentioned necessities, first, we need to put that right.

FYI, a good strategy is NOT the product of hours of careful research and modelling that lead to an inevitable & almost perfect conclusion.

Work with me 

Turn your objectives into a strategy and save thousands and thousands of pounds!   

Drop me an email, click on the 'make appointment' ('book' on mobile) or go to the link below and let's see how we can work together.

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