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If you’ve ever tried to market your biz on social media, you know that one of the most important parts is building your community.

The easiest way to build a community is by asking your followers to share some info about themselves! Who doesn’t love to talk about themselves?

Save lots of time, money & energy and skip thinking, planning and writing out your engagement generating posts that you can use in Facebook groups, Instagram, in your stories, on LinkedIn or anywhere else really.

You'll be able to:

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365 engagement posts

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Everything you need to be visible in multiple Facebook groups today! If you spent ages figuring out how you could spark conversations without being weird or boost the algorithm to make your posts visible, this is for you!

What you'll get

365 engagement posts

You'll find the engagement posts in a Trello board that's organised by month and a Google document. Both are there to make it easy for you to drag and drop them.

Explainer training

An under 9-minute video about how to make the most out of these engagement posts, when and where to post them and how to boost the algorithm with them

What people are saying

The qucikest way to start the conversation that ends in sales!