Facebook group content scheduler

It's only £9!

You'll be able to:

Why grab the Facebook group content scheduler?

You need to be visible without posting the same

Imagine being able to post in 5 Facebook group every day without repeating yourself? Yes, this means that people who see you in multiple groups can engage with you and won't get 'bored of' seeing the same stuff all over social media.

You need to consistently post to sell your offer

Imagine increasing your authority level, getting you leads and engagement. You doon't want to spend ages to figure out what to post in the groups, so I teach you how 35 post could do the trick for months or years to come.

You neeed engagement to grab attention

Imagine posting an engagement post about 4 hour before the post you 'really' want people to see. You quickly can boost the algorithm and be more visible with this tactic. I give you 30 of these posts, so that you can use a variation of them everywhere.

Facebook group content scheduler

Be visible, save time & make money

Everything you need to start promoting your offer in multiple Facebook groups today without repeating yourself! If you spent ages to figure out how you could bring in some sales QUICKLY on social media, grab this deal for this price and start to post today!

What you'll get

Facebook content scheduler

A Google spreadsheet created for 12 weeks, so that you can posts in 5 groups every day without repetition in under 3 minutes

Explainer training

A 9-minute video about how to use the scheduler and learn about the 35 pieces of content that's enough to promote your offer

30 engagement posts

Take your Facebook group to the next level by creating a place of engagement and community for your members, or boost your posts

What people are saying

The qucikest way to post in multiple groups without repeating yourself!