Flash Sale Template Kit

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You'll be able to:

Why grab the Flash Sale Template Kit?

You can be a flash sale ninja

Are you tired of watching your sales plateau? Do you want to level up your business and become a flash sale ninja (no nunchaku needed)? This kit is here to help you kick your sales into overdrive. Build anticipation and hype around your upcoming sale like a pro. So grab the kit, and get ready to unleash your inner ninja/wizard/witch!

You can ake quick money without sacrificing quality

Let's face it - sometimes, we all need to make money quickly. But often, that means sacrificing quality or cutting corners. But with this kit, you can make quick money without sacrificing quality. These templates are designed to help you create marketing materials that will help you generate more sales and revenue quickly.

You can save time and make more money

Time is money, right? And who doesn't want more of both? With this kit, you'll be able to have both. These templates and calculators will help you quickly set up your promo material, so you can focus on getting a quick cash injection. So don't hesitate to grab the kit now, save time, and make more money today!

Flash Sale Template Kit

Run a flash sale even if you lack resources

Everything you need to run a flash sale and drive sales and revenue by getting this Flash Sale Template Kit, without having to invest in training or hiring a professional team, even if you lack resources.

What you'll get

Landing Page - Visitor & Sales Calculator

A Google sheet where you can put your revenue target, the price of your offer, and the conversion rates you already know you have, and it'll tell you how many visitors & leads you need!

VIP waiting list welcome sequence email templates

My plug-and-play email copy templates literally provide a roadmap to where to write what

Plug-and-play Flash Sale promo emails

I’ve created 6 series of emails that anyone can use! Simply add your details, and your emails are done!

Canva social media templates

You get access to my beautiful social media templates for all major social media platforms that can be downloaded and customised based on your unique Flash Sale

Canva mockup templates

Your offer needs beautiful visuals that help communicate value, and you can do this by using mockups to make things more tangible

What people are saying

So if you need to make money fast, grab the kit and start generating sales today!