Lead Magnet bundle

Are you tired of feeling like you’re constantly chasing after leads only to have them slip through your fingers? Do you feel like you’re throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks but not getting the desired results?

Well, it’s time to stop the madness and start using lead magnets to attract your ideal customers like a magnet (pun intended).

With this lead magnet bundle, you’ll not only discover the best lead magnet that works for you, but you’ll also get access to training to find the best lead magnet that works for your business, 20 pages of Canva lead magnet templates, a welcome email sequence, email subject/blog headlines and hooks, and a full year’s worth of email prompts and training to make ensure you’re engaging and monetising your email list.

So, if you’re ready to stop chasing and start attracting, then this bundle is exactly what you need to take your business to the next level!

And now you'll get everything for £111

What you'll get

Viktoria-Thorbjorn-From-Zero-To-Hero-Bundle-2021 (10)

Find the best lead magnet that works for you

is crucial for attracting and converting your ideal customers into paying clients or customers


20 pages Canva lead magnet template

create professional and visually appealing lead magnets that will capture the attention of your target audience


Welcome email sequence for lead magnets (6 emails)

for building trust and establishing a relationship with new subscribers, ultimately increasing the chances of converting them into paying customers


52 email subject/blog headlines, hooks

is critical for capturing the attention of subscribers and enticing them to open and engage with your emails


52 weeks email prompts & training​

for consistently providing value to subscribers, keeping them engaged, and ultimately turning them into loyal customers

You'll be able to:

Why grab the Lead Magnet bundle?

Because it works!

Because with these tactics work, you can bring in buyers with emails, even when you’re fast asleep and dream about a fantasy world filled with magicians and going to a prestigious school or witchcraft and wizardry. 

…OK, you don’t need to dream about that, the point is they do work well if you crafted a great offer to solve a problem of your buyers. Simple as that.

By the way, you’ll see on the screenshot that sales nicely come in whilst I’m doing nothing business related (I mean, I was sleeping). And to top it off, I did not spend a penny on ads to get sales… it’s all organic.

What exactly will you get for £111?

Find the best lead magnet that works for you (worth £59)

If you want to attract leads every single day for your business, you need to have a great lead magnet.

But having a freebie will not guarantee that you’ll get subscribers and clients. By this presentation, you’ll know how to define the best lead magnet options for your business.

I mean, I’ll answer the “how will I know if this works?“, “what on earth should I create?“, “is it worth the effort?” questions of yours.

Let’s create something that people actually want, and you can sell your offer with it. After all, that’s the point.

20 pages Canva lead magnet template (worth £9)

These templates can be the solution for generating leads and growing your business! With my professionally designed templates, you can easily create eye-catching lead magnets that capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

Whether it’s a free ebook, a checklist, or a cheat sheet, my templates will help you create high-quality content that your potential customers will love. Say goodbye to hours of design work and hello to more time for what matters most – building your business!

Let’s get my Canva lead magnet templates today and convert leads into loyal customers.

Welcome email sequence for lead magnets (6 emails) (worth £9)

To be able to use immediately your brand new lead magnet I’ll give you a plug-and-play welcome email sequence, after all, you want to turn your subscribers into buyers and advocates.

52 email subject/blog headlines, hooks (worth £9)

Increase your open rates and be better at writing hooks that attract people!

52 of my personal favourite email/blog headlines so that you can always increase your open rates and be better at writing hooks that attract people.

52 weeks email prompts & training (worth £59)

Nurture your audience & sell out your offers via email marketing!

Grab this 52 weeks email prompts, topic ideas and content & marketing planning tool and prepare for a whole year to nurture your peeps and sell-out. Pst, you can use these for your blogs or social media platforms too!

Here’s what you’ll get

Why should you listen to me?

I’m Viki Thorbjorn, an ex-athlete turned multi-award-winning marketer. I’ve helped clients to go from making £9M in a year to over £20M in just 9 months. Or to save 6 figures in a client’s marketing budget whilst increasing their business growth by 270%.

I guess this is where you expect me to talk about myself in superlatives and how extremely well-established I am and show you selfies with Gary Vaynerchuk, Russell Brunson, Voldemort or The Rock, or some other successful, well-known and household names, well… You won’t see that here.

But I can tell you that I worked with companies such as Avon, Jagermeister, LG, Suzuki, Ford, Microsoft Office, Drogerie Markt and Procter & Gamble and tons of smaller ones developing their marketing campaigns for around 20 years (actually this doesn’t include marketing my own businesses, yeah I started young).

I know what it takes to grow your business. I’ve been there. I trained well over 10,000 people thourgh the years. And managed to keep my members usually for 3 – 4 years.

What people are saying

Quick recap

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Here’s a reminder of what you’re getting when you grab the Lead Magnet bundle 👇

Get everything for £145 £111

What people are saying


You'll get access to everything inside my membership portal.

This Lead Magnet bundle is designed to help you in multiple ways. Here's how it can benefit you:

    1. Attracting and converting ideal customers with a lead magnet that works for your business.

    2. Saving time and effort with 20 pages of Canva lead magnet templates and a pre-written welcome email sequence.

    3. Increasing email open rates and engagement with attention-grabbing subject lines and hooks.

    4. Providing consistent value to subscribers with a full year's worth of email prompts and training, ultimately leading to more conversions and sales.

    5. Growing your business by building trust and loyalty with subscribers and customers.

In short, this bundle can help you save time, improve engagement, enhance your brand's online presence, and ultimately increase your bottom line. It's a win-win situation if you ask me.

I love you for that and thank you for supporting me.


I just checked and there are literally zero people who has everything from the bundle. And as I actively sell these products on the prices you see, this is a crazy good deal that would cost you $161 for a year to access all. This is basically a 31% discount, so it's a steal.


Hence, I really appreciate if you grabbed something from the bundle before and I won't be able to offer you anything as a 'replacement' because this is still a HUGE steal.

I'd love to, even though I can't guarantee that the sun will come up every day.


Results are not guaranteed, but results from my strategies have been proven due to consistent action, putting in the time to implement, testing the strategies and asking questions. The time it takes you to achieve your desired results is dependent upon your goals and actions.

Nope, there's no refund.