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Are you an online business owner who has benefited from one of my courses, programmes or digital products? 

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If you would like to become an affiliate and promote my templates, trainings, courses and other resources then I will be there to support you every step of the way.

With generous cookie periods and commission rates and all the support, you need to earn lucrative commissions.

Did I mention the generous cookie period? 🙂

How it works...


Apply below and if you get approved you’ll get access to all the goodies to start making money.


Share my offers with your audience using your unique affiliate link and make some dough. Easy.


Earn 40% commissions every time someone purchases my thingy through your link.


You’ll get paid on the 1st of every month via PayPal. No minimum payouts!* Read the T&Cs.

How much you can earn

The exact amount is honestly up to you and how much (and how well) you share the good word. Below, I give you an example of how much you can earn if you sell just ONE of the Online Marketing Memberships on a given day. Of course, there are other offers for you can get a commission, which are not listed below. And depending on your level as an affiliate, the sky is the limit.

Name of the offer Price You earn
Lead Magnet bundle
Content training
Ultimate Flash Sale Guide & Template Kit
Online Marketing Membership
$118.80/year recurring
365 engagement posts
Storytelling, money-making emails & how to use them
20 pages canva lead magnet template
Canva Media Kit template
52 email subject, headlines and hooks
Facebook group content scheduler
Ultimate follow-up email sequence templates
7 days to I'm capable of ANYTHING
Flash Sale Template Kit
18 High converting plug-and-play viral SALES posts
52 weeks email prompts & training
Find the best lead magnet that works for you​​
The quickest business plan for non-businessy people
Simplified 90-day marketing plan

The above figures are simply examples of the potential that you can earn as an affiliate. There are no guarantees of any kind that you will make this income, but this is the real potential if you promote effectively. And one of the best benefits for you as an affiliate – you have to do none of the fulfilment or customer service. That’s all on me.


Got questions? Find the answers to the common questions I get about my affiliate programme below. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please contact me

You’ll earn 40% of every sale made through your unique affiliate link on my offers on this website – only the ones you see listed on this page.

Your link has a 3-month cookie tracking period. This means even if someone clicks your affiliate link but doesn’t buy right away, you’ll still get your commission if they make a purchase within 3 months.

It is 90 days.

This means if someone visits the website with your affiliate link but did not purchase immediately if they come back within 90 days and make a purchase on a commission approved to offer, you’ll get some money.

But bear in mind, the system was set up for the last affiliate. That means if the visitor in that 90 days window clicks on another affiliate’s link and make a purchase then that affiliate will receive a commission. 

The reason being, the last affiliate ‘pushed over’ the buyer on that virtual fence with their charms.

I pay my affiliates on the 1st of every month (on weekdays if it’s the weekend/bank holiday I pay the first weekday after) via PayPal after a 30 day waiting period to account for refunds. That means you’ll receive payment on November 1st for any commission you earned in September.

There are so many ways to share your affiliate link with your audience! I encourage you to have fun and get creative in the ways you share your link.

Here are a few ideas to get you started: share your link on social media, add a resources page to your website, review one of our themes in a blog post, create a banner ad for your blog sidebar… have fun with it!

Yes, you can still be an affiliate! The only requirements I have for our affiliate members is that you update your website/blog/channels regularly and are not coupon-based websites

Sometimes, at the moment I do not have a ready to go promo material but I’ll create some in the near future.

You can read our full affiliate terms & conditions here, but here’s a general summary of the dos and don’ts:

  • Make sure that any coupons you share are up-to-date and accurate.
  • If you make a purchase using your own affiliate link, you won’t earn any commission for that.
  • You can promote your affiliate links almost anywhere you’d like, but you can’t create a website specifically for promoting your affiliate links, especially not with any of my offers’/brands names included in the domain name.
  • If you say negative things about Viktoria Thorbjorn, or post content that goes against my core values, I’ll have to remove you from my affiliate programme. But I know you would never do that.