The Ultimate follow-up email sequence templates package for successful networking!

60 email templates in 16 follow-up email sequences to send after networking events

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You'll be able to:

Why grab the Follow-up emial sequence templates?

More effective networking with ease

With these templates, you can follow up with new connections more efficiently, professionally, and effectively. Instead of feeling lost and unsure about how to continue the conversation, you'll have a roadmap to guide you towards a specific goal. There are 16 different scenarios to pick from.

Higher conversion rates and success rates

By having a plan and following up with potential collaborators, you can increase your chances of converting those initial contacts into actual partnerships, collaborations, guest posts, and more. This can help build your reputation in your industry and lead to more connections and opportunities.

More opportunities in less time

By using these templates you can help you streamline the process of staying top of mind with new connections and continuing the conversation. Free up more time for other business tasks and you may be more likely to receive additional opportunities from them in the future.

16 follow-up email sequence templates after networking events

Build meaningful relationships

Follow up with new contacts after networking & turn them into meaningful connections & opportunities. These templates are perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals who want to build meaningful connections and take their businesses to the next level. With my step-by-step templates, you'll have everything you need to send a series of friendly, effective follow-up emails that will get results.

Why you need them?

Designed to help

individuals to follow up with new contacts they meet at online networking events in a friendly and effective manner and turn them into meaningful connections & opportunities

Clear structure and language

for reaching out after a networking event, these templates can help individuals build stronger connections and potentially lead to future collaborations, job opportunities, or even friendships


for various scenarios, such as requesting a collaboration, scheduling a call to pick someone's brain, or expressing interest in being a guest on their podcast and more

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Invest in your networking success and start turning your online connections into collaborations today!