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Ultimate Content Toolkit

Is the frustration of coming up with relevant content ideas and writing engaging content for emails, social media and blog posts getting in the way of producing revenue and ROI?

How does spending 90 minutes a week to create all your top-notch, highly engaging content sound? Speed up the content creation process and craft leads and sales-generating content with my Ultimate Content Toolkit for only £250.

Most small business owners and content marketers spend ages to figure out what to post about a week after week that actually moves the needle, but those who succeed have a little secret…

If you’re someone who needs to generate leads and sales from emails, blogs and social media posts, then you’re probably crafting your content yourself.

That’s definitely a great way to grow because research shows that the cost of content marketing is 62% less compared to traditional methods, yet it results in three times as many leads.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on that kind of opportunity.

times as many leads
less costs

Results of content marketing…

But there’s one huge, looming problem…

Small business owners, social media managers and content creators are spending an average of 10 hours a week just on content creation. And that’s a lot.

And to make it worse, 65% of business owners and content marketers struggle to produce engaging content and 60% of them can’t produce content consistently… And customers WANT to see content to make their buying decisions…

The pain is real. You know exactly what I mean, right?

You need to come up with ideas you want to talk about. You need a structure and content plan, so you know what to post and when. You need to find a unique content piece for every piece of the newsletter, blog post and social media post.

You need to make sure your content generates engagement, after all, you need to boost the algorithm before you can post promotional content. You need a community which wants to see your posts and read your blogs. And after all, your content must help the company to hear the ka-ching more often. Because if you don’t generate sales with your content, something fundamental is very wrong.

So you spend hours figuring out what would be the best angle/topic that would give you some ROI on your content. But you just stare at the blank page and cursor.

And when you start to write, it takes ages. Aaaaaageeeeeees. And after you laboured over that piece of perfect post it gets 3 comments and 7 views. All from friends or employees.

It’s enough to make you want to crawl under the blanket, hide and call it a day.

No wonder people try to pass on content creation to interns as they do the #SuckingTheLifeOutOfYoungSouls kinda jobs people don’t want to deal with…

But hold up, it doesn’t have to be that way…

Instead of spending a quarter of your working week on creating content that might flop, what if you were able to whip up content that is geared to sell the thing you’re selling much easier and much quicker. In fact in 90-minutes a week you could be done with your complete content creation thing. Would this tickle your fancy?

Yep, let’s save some time and effort for you and make some moolah.

Here are 3 fantastic reasons why the Ultimate Content Toolkit is the best way to get off the #ContentHamsterWheel and generate revenue at once.

This is the closes thing to getting a multi-award-winning marketer, buyer-psychology expert to help you create the content that sells and get you, followers/readers

Hiring a content strategist costs a lot, especially good ones. They usually ask between £3,000 – £15,000 per day. But you don’t need to pay for this and you still can enjoy the benefits as everything I’ll give you can be personalised for your business, and I still tell you what you should write about strategically.

This is the quickest way to write all your weekly content pieces in 90 minutes

According to thousands of content marketers, the average content creation process for a weekly blog post, newsletter, and 5 social media content usually takes about 10 hours a week. In a month, that adds up to about 42 hours. For £250, if you just use my content, you easily cut your content creation time into a quarter.

By using my toolkit, you can create all this in 90 minutes/week.

That’s less than 6,5 hours a month! With my toolkit, you nearly saved a complete working week (35,5 hours) a month that you can now use to optimise the content, create campaigns and make your magic.

So, even if you’re making £20/hour, this toolkit saves the business £710/month. In other words, you made back over 6.4 times what you invested today. In less than two weeks.

This is the easiest way to create strategic content that generates leads and sales organically

I know that you’re trying to get paying clients through social media, whether organic or paid. This can be difficult. You might post and post and post and get zero engagement. Or you might not even know what to post. To get clients on social media you need to have a very clear strategy. Posts that help you establish you as an authority, showcase some brand personality, are engaging (hello algorithm boost and visibility) and promotional.

Luckily I know how to create posts and ads that bring in paying customers. My posts usually get hundreds or thousands of comments organically. For real.

If you’d need to pay for these leads you see below, that’d cost you over £48,440 per post, calculating the average cost per lead across industries. But I did it for free, organically. By the way, comments are not leads, they only can be leads if they put their hands up for the thing you offer in your post and this is what happened with the below posts. So yes, these are leads in this case.

Just imagine if only 10% of the commenters would be qualified leads. We’re talking about a hundred qualified leads minimum on every single post. And if you’re not great at sales and only convert 40% of them, that means 40 buyers minimum per post.

The good news is that if you’re doing it right, the qualified leads usually hit 70 – 80% instead of 10%. The rest is in your offer, the follow-up and your sales process. Before you take out your calculator, in my above examples, this means approximately 280 – 300 buyers per post ORGANICALLY, with a 40% conversion rate.

Let’s say your front-end offer is only £100; in both scenarios, you could’ve pulled in a minimum of £4,000 to £30,000 per post. May I repeat this? PER POST, without ad spend. I didn’t mention bump offers, up-and cross-sells and customer lifetime value, so the actual number is significantly higher.

What if you post 2 posts every week with these results? That’d be 9 posts/month with a possible monthly revenue between £36,000 to £270,000 organically, based on the previous numbers and only calculating with the £100 front-end offer. Yearly, this would be between £432,000 and £3,240,000.

What if you bring in 10% of this in year one by my method? And how much would it make you by year five? And this was only one social media channel. Would that be worth it for you?

And now, imagine if you run ads to the content that brings in organic results like this. Do you think it could bring you hundreds of thousands of pounds or more? Sure it could. This method has already brought in millions of pounds for my clients.

And you’re right; my results are not average results. Not everyone can produce these constantly. But I can teach you or your team how to create content that packs a punch. And even with weaker results, you can enlarge your bank account and multiply your investment mainly because my method is not platform-dependent. It’s an everlasting process that works based on buyer psychology.

And here's some calculation with the average cost per lead (£48.44 across industries in 2022)

Avg results across industries without content marketing, using statistical data

Leads 5,200/year (weekly 100)
50% qualified leads 2,600/year
Average CPL (cost per lead) £96.88
10% sales 260 buyers
Avg CPA (cost per acquisition) £968.8

Avg results across industries with content marketing, using statistical data

Leads 15,600/year (weekly 300)
60% qualified leads 9,360/year
Average CPL (cost per lead) £16.14
10% sales 936 buyers
Avg CPA (cost per acquisition) £269.11
Sales increase 260% vs no content
Decrease in 72.78% CPA vs no content
£654,908 projected budget saved

Conservative results across ind. with content marketing, using statistical data

Leads 10,400/year (weekly 200)
60% qualified leads 6,240/year
Average CPL (cost per lead) £40.36
10% sales 624 buyers
Avg CPA (cost per acquisition) £403.66
Sales increase 140% vs no content
Decrease in 58.33% CPA vs no content
£352,643 projected budget saved

You can see there are a whole lot of benefits to using my Ultimate Content Toolkit. And that’s why you’re going to want to grab it as soon as you can, right?

Introducing my Ultimate Content Toolkit

It’s a content toolkit that helps small businesses and content marketers increase sales by giving them everything so they can write/record their weekly email, blog and social media posts in 90 minutes flat.

Here's how it works

The planning

You grab the Ultimate Content Toolkit and can plan out your whole day of content today or by Wednesday. 

I mean, you really can do this today and map out content that actually SELLS your offer, not just a mediocre everyone says the same kinda way.

The creation

Spend around just 90 mins creating and scheduling ALL your ka-ching-inducing and community-building content for the week. Yep, all of it. Blog posts, newsletters, social, everything!

Every week you sit down and write all your content in advance. I personally write everything out 3 months in advance (and I send daily emails, so there’s a lot to write). It is doable with this method.

Here’s what you get when you order now

Inside this toolkit, you’ll receive intentional, money-making, brand and community building pieces right away

Content training that helps you come up with content for years to come​

This content planning training gives you a simple and straightforward system so that you can come off the content hamster wheel for good.

You’ll get access to my content training video that helps you develop content for years to come and perfectly match the strategic and intentional content you’ll get by the prompts.

What we’ll cover

    • a ridiculously simple way to come up with content designed to sell your programme/offer​
    • a foolproof system that helps you create content that relates to your dream clients​
    • how to never run out of mega-brilliant and relevant, high-quality ideas​
    • an easy way to plan your content for a year in advance in an hour​
    • how to use the same content in multiple ways​
      an editable worksheet (no need to print off)​
    • a Trello board to drag and drop your content in an organised manner​

365 content prompts​

No more spinning your plates to figure out what to write/record about to make a sale.

Google document with all the prompts and a Trello board where the content is organised into monthly posts (you can drag and drop them)

365 engagement captions​

If you’ve ever tried to market your biz on social media, you know that one of the most important parts is building your community.

Save lots of time, money & energy and skip thinking, planning and writing out your engagement-generating posts that you can use in Facebook groups, Instagram, in your stories, on LinkedIn or anywhere else really.

    • Google document with all the captions Trello board where the content is
    • organised into monthly posts (you can drag and drop them)

52 weks of email prompts & training

Nurture your audience & sell out your offers via email marketing!

Grab this 52 weeks email prompts, topic ideas and content & marketing planning tool and prepare for a whole year to nurture your peeps and sell out. Pst, you can also use these for your blogs or social media platforms!

Here’s what you’ll get

    • a 23 minute video that explains how to make the most out of this system
    • a Google document with all the prompts, content you should consider and the preparation for your promos and marketing for the future
    • a Trello board with all the info from the document, with place you can use to actually write out your emails

60 Canva social media templates​

Let’s be real, you need engagement-building artwork as well that you can adjust in seconds, so you’ll get beautiful and engaging Canva templates too.

Canva mockup templates​

You need list-building mockup templates to make your opt-in page and social media posts a hit, so I give you gorgeous, professionally designed Canva templates that’ll take you less than a minute to customise to fit your brand.

Content calendars

Of course, you’ll receive a printable and online calendar, to make your planning easier than ever

Do you want to utilise AI to quicken content creation?

And if you were ever thinking of using AI in writing your content, because why not make it even quicker, I can give you 10,000 words written by Jasper, one of the best AI tools on the market if you want to give it a try (you can try it for free)

10% discount on my favourite scheduler

And I can show you the system I use to set and forget a huge proportion of my content and automate posting on multiple platforms. This is much more than just a scheduling tool; it’s perfect for campaigns, especially if you need to know what’s happened on the backend. And you’ll get a 10% discount too if you opt for it (you can try it for free)

Free product updates to stay 'up-to-date'

And to make the decision even easier for you, you’ll get access to free product updates.

The Ultimate Content Toolkit gives you everything you need to increase your sales by writing your weekly email, blog and social media posts with these templates and prompts in 90 minutes flat.

So, you like what you see. You know this toolkit really could make your life easier.

But you have two questions – why are you charging so little for all this? Are you a fool?

No, I’m not, my mum has me tested – as Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory says all the time. Even with all this value, an immense experience, I’m not going to charge an arm and leg for it. In fact, I’ll make you a deal. I know it’s a tad absurd to charge this little for my toolkit because you should be able to make that money back in less than a month just by following the steps I laid out for you. Even with just a single post.

There is only one reason I’m offering it at such a low price – I want you to see how simple and effective my method is. And when I’m holding high-ticket workshops the price is going to be four figures to attend. To fill up the workshop, I’ll need satisfied people. So if you put my ultimate content toolkit to work for you, and get tons of value out of it, it’ll be much easier to get you to consider (convince your boss) one of my workshops a few months down the line.

Of course, you can do it alone and spend over 20 years and six figures just to make your content process quicker and create posts and content that bring you leads, build a community and sell your offers.

Or, you can opt for my help. Because I was creating content and growing and managing social media pages since FarmVille was a thing. Yes, that era started in 2009 and I’m that old in this social media game. And I built pages from scratch to 200,000 followers within two weeks and have been involved in tons of great campaigns for international household names.

Why should you listen to me?

I’m Viki Thorbjorn, an ex-athlete turned multi-award-winning marketer. I’ve helped clients to go from making £9M in a year to over £20M in just 9 months. Or to save 6 figures in a client’s marketing budget whilst increasing their business growth by 270%. And I helped thousands of people with their businesses and gained thousands of customers.

And I designed the Ultimate Content Toolkit to help small businesses and content marketers increase their sales by giving them everything so they can write/record their weekly email, blog and social media posts in 90 minutes flat.

What people are saying

Ultimate Content Toolkit

one time payment
£ 250
  • Content training that helps you come up with content for years to come​
  • 365 content prompts​ to sell your offers
  • 365 engagement psts to generate buzz and visibility
  • 52 weeks of email prompts​ & training
  • 60 Canva social media templates​
  • Canva mockup templates​
  • Printable and online content calendar
  • 10,000 free words written by one of the best AI tools that you can try for free​
  • 10% discount on a social media campaign management and scheduling tool​
  • Free product updates


Good question. 😊

As soon as your payment is received, you will receive an email with access to the toolkit. The page is password protected, so look out for the email.

Good question again. 😊

Each prompt has been carefully created so that it can easily reflect different businesses and industries. And I make sure that every single prompt can be used in at least 5 different ways (that’s the minimum).

You’ll be able to interpret them as you wish and add your own unique style and flair. 

The thing is, that I want you to create revenue-generating content easily. You get access to everything within 15 minutes of signing up (I’ll send it immediately but give a little buffer time for the email provider) 😀😎

If you batch the content a week in advance you can schedule in and use a lot of trending content and it can be very useful.

Nothing. 😊  As a rule of thumb, I suggest you post 3 times a week on social media, so the business page is active. Plus a weekly blog and newsletter, so your subscribers won’t forget about you and Google also gets its fresh article every week.

Of course, based on your specific desire, you can post more often, especially if you want to build an engaged community that goes out of their way to purchase from you and advocate.

Of course not. You can batch create the content and select one day and do it for the whole month.

The thing is, don’t overthink, because the more time to give yourself to create the content, the longer it’ll take.

If you don’t want to batch create content for a month in advance, 90-minutes or even less can be enough to be done, especially if you watch my content training and apply the information from there when you write your newsletter, blog and social media posts.

I usually create my content 3 months in advance (and I send daily emails too, so there are many things to create) – but it’s more than doable.

You get charged upon purchasing the toolkit.

Please contact us via email (hello at viktoriathorbjorn dot co dot uk)

Sorry, but I do not offer refunds.

Results are not guaranteed, but results from my content strategies have been proven due to consistent action, putting in the time to implement, testing the strategies and asking questions. The time it takes you to achieve your desired results is dependent upon your goals and actions.

You’ll get access to

    • Content training that helps you come up with content for years to come​
    • 365 content prompts to sell your offers
    • 365 engagement posts to generate buzz and visibility
    • 52 weeks of email prompts & training
    • 60 Canva social media templates​
    • Canva mockup templates
    • Printable and online content calendar
    • 10,000 free words written by one of the best AI tools that you can try for free​​
    • 10% discount on a social media campaign management and scheduling tool​​
    • free product updates

Quick recap

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Here’s a reminder of what you’re getting when you purchase the Ultimate Content Toolkit. 👇