Access my Flash Sale Guide training with a conversion calculator, promo emails and Canva templates

Ultimate Flash Sale Guide & Template Kit

Is the frustration of designing graphics, writing email copy, and mapping out a quick cash-injecting flash sale getting in the way of your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale?

Bring money in quickly any time you want with my ULTIMATE Flash Sale Guide & Template Kit.

90% of entrepreneurs struggle to make money quickly enough

It’s true; 90% of entrepreneurs (probably more) spend ages figuring out how to make some money quickly if they require cash. And this skill is essential, especially now. 

But the thing is that they know what they need to do, or they have pretty good ideas about what they need to do. Only they don’t have the time to figure out the exact steps.

There are too many things to think of; designing artwork, writing email copy, perhaps even creating something new from scratch, tech, and it’s overwhelming.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to expertly craft everything necessary for a successful Flash Sale.

It’s kind of crazy that we expect ourselves to be able to do it all, especially while running a business and trying to solve everything that always comes up!

And to make everything a bit easier and help you make money when needed, I decided to do the work on behalf of all the entrepreneurs who just want to run flash sales without all the headaches and figuring outs.

Here’s the best part!

I’m now offering access to my incredible Ultimate Flash Sale Guide & Template Kit for only £129!

Keep reading to see what’s included!

A look inside my Ultimate Flash Sale Guide & Template Kit

For only $150, you’ll get access to…

A detailed training that covers everything you need to know to run a successful flash sale

Not sure what steps you should consider when you want to run a money-making flash sale? I’ve got it covered. From your offer and income goals to where to promote it and how to increase your sales and beyond, I’ve planned and gone through all the steps you can follow, and it works for ANY flash sale. 

Yes, it’s perfect for Black Friday, Christmas Sale, Easter Sale, Get Back to School or any short promo period. Moreover, you can use this as the base of any launch!

The training discusses all these 👇

Let's see what else you'll get

You’ll also receive a workbook to guide you through running a cash-bringing-stress-free Flash Sale.

Landing Page - Visitor & Sales Calculator

The thing is, most of my clients either

What you’ll get

    • try to sell their offering online – people can buy packages/courses/info products/services, etc
    • try to make people book an appointment with them

And the issue with this, they usually don’t know how much traffic they need to send to their booking page/sales page to hit their target.

So I decided to create a Google sheet where you can put your revenue target (before tax), the price of your offer and the conversion rates you already know you have, and the Google spreadsheet magic will calculate it for you! No worries if you don’t know your conversion rates, I put the industry average conversion rates into the table.

VIP waiting list welcome sequence email templates

Not sure what to write when creating a VIP waiting list? My plug-and-play email copy templates literally provide a roadmap to where to write what!

From top to bottom, these plug-and-play email templates ensure your waiting list remains locked in on your content in a format that flows to move them toward taking action and purchasing your Flash Sale offer.

Plug-and-play Flash Sale promo emails

Writing content takes up a ton of time and is a job most entrepreneurs don’t enjoy. And I’m guessing as you want to make a quick money injection, you don’t have time either. I’ve created 6 series of emails that anyone can use! Simply add your details, and your emails are done!

Of course, you can tweak them to make them sound more like you, but it won’t take more than 1 hour to get it done.

Canva social media templates

Social media is a powerful tool for sharing your Flash Sale. However, your design must look clear, professional, and engaging. So you get access to my beautiful social media templates for all major social media platforms that can be downloaded and customised based on your unique Flash Sale.

Canva mockup templates

Your offer needs beautiful visuals that help communicate value, and you can do this by using mockups. Why is this a BIG thing? It can’t lack tangible value if you want to sell an online offer. But if you use beautiful product mockups, you increase your sales.

A deal so good it might even be crazy!

I’ll be the first to say that my husband thought I was crazy when I decided to offer so much stuff inside my Ultimate Flash Sale Guide & Template Kit for only $150!

But I’m happy to do it because I know these tools are essential to getting a successful Flash Sale up and running in no time. Yes, you could make sales with it TODAY. Before I began running marketing campaigns and flash sales for different businesses, I was overwhelmed with the idea of putting everything together.

So, I did what I always do. I ran a few experiments, tested different things and templatised everything so I could do everything quicker and better. This reduced the number of mistakes I could possibly make and significantly reduced the time of whipping up these campaigns.

Now, if there’s a brand new offer I want to create, I’m done with everything from offer creation to tech setup within 4 hours.

$150 is a no-brainer when it comes to getting access to everything inside my Flash Sale Guide, so I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity before my husband convinces me that I might actually be crazy and take the offer down! 😉

Don’t miss out!

Why should you listen to me?

I’m Viki Thorbjorn, a buyer psychology expert, an ex-athlete turned multi-award-winning marketer. I’ve helped clients to go from making £9M in a year to over £20M in just 9 months. Or to save 6 figures in a client’s marketing budget whilst increasing their business growth by 270% – will you be the next?

I help businesses to increase their profit and communicate their uniqueness by leveraging buyer psychology through courses, templates, toolkits, memberships and VIP days.

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