Online Marketing Membership

This online platform is for service providers, freelancers, coaches, consultants & digital product creators worldwide.

Inside, you’ll access many courses to grow your business, and you’ll be able to ask a multi-award winner marketer and community members your burning questions and access workshops, networking and promotional opportunities to have a flourishing business.

Join us and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, collaborate, find referral partners and have fun for $297/year!

If marketing feels like a 'chore', this is for you

It's a lot easier to market your business and increase your profit when you can brainstorm with a multi-award-winning marketer who want you to be successful. Especially, if you're doing everything yourself, or with little help and regularly have questions but you don't want to spend a fortune on courses, workshops. Don't get stuck!

Let's see what you'll get access to for $297 a year

Go live monthly in the OFE Facebook group

You can go live monthly in the Outstanding Female Entrepreneurs Facebook group in front of around 10k entrepreneurs.

This video can be live or pre-recorded if you’re more comfortable with that.

You can teach them something, run a webinar or a masterclass.

You can speak in front of thousands of entrepreneurs, build relationships with them, showcase your knowledge and authority and make sales.

Find the best lead magnet that works for you​​

If you want to attract leads every single day for your business, you need to have a great lead magnet.

But having a freebie will not guarantee that you’ll get subscribers and clients. By this presentation, you’ll know how to define the best lead magnet options for your business.

I mean, I’ll answer the “how will I know if this works?“, “what on earth should I create?“, “is it worth the effort?” questions of yours.

Let’s create something that people actually want and you can sell your offer with it. After all, that’s the point.

20 pages Canva lead magnet template

This is for you if you need a Canva lead magnet template that makes it a breeze to create a beautiful and professional, well-designed document people want to grab.

You can create worksheets, workbooks, magazines, onboarding or offboarding documents, welcome packages, product/service descriptions, and so many other things

Welcome email sequence for lead magnets

To be able to use immediately your brand new lead magnet I’ll give you a plug-and-play welcome email sequence, after all, you want to turn your subscribers into buyers and advocates.

Content training​​

This content planning training gives you a simple and straightforward system, so you can come off the content hamster wheel for good.

What we’ll cover

How to get clients in Facebook groups ethically

Sorrynotsorry, most big groups teach you to spam. You might not even know that you spam, just don’t feel good about posting/commenting. I get that. You think social media doesn’t work, or it needs to feel horrible. Actually, the opposite can be true.

While I’m not saying to spend tons of time on social media, I’m saying that it’s worth learning to get clients in a non-spammy, non-soul-sucking way in Fb groups. And I won’t teach you to spam or fish on other people’s posts. We do things ethically. And we have high standards, without marrying your phone.

What we’ll cover

Feel good challenge

Follow the steps in this challenge video, so that you’ll know

Your branding that gets you wanted

Don’t panic, I won’t talk about perfect branding where you play along with your fonts and colours for ages to make everything cohesive…

Of course, it’s useful, but I don’t want you to be stuck at that stage. No-no-no-nooo. I’m talking about something else here.

Because quite frankly, you already have a brand, so why not make it a bit better if we can? 😊

What we’ll cover

How to improve your branding in 15 minutes

Have a better understanding of your brand, have a better vision of the direction your should take and the steps you should take, so that you can have some clarity.

What we’ll cover

Your irresistible offer that sells

You need to sort out the basics of your offer to make sure people actually want to buy it. This bite-sized 17-minutes training will just with this.

What we’ll cover

Branding & messaging

a.k.a. a marketer is fishing for her fella…

What we’ll cover

How to create your elevator pitch

You need to introduce yourself all the time. By this very simple and straightforward template you can do that. Make sure you don’t say exactly what everyone else, otherwise, you won’t be able to stand out.

So use some creativity 😉

What we’ll cover

Think differently about sales

Selling authentically is easier than it sounds at first. You don’t need to be pushy and definitely shouldn’t suffer selling. Watch this video to upgrade yourself and make sales easier.

What we’ll cover

How to build your buyer list

You need to build a list of buyers that happily pays you for your offer, and in this training I’ll give you a few pointers you can use right now

What we’ll cover

Content marketing a.k.a. what the should I write-say-post about

Let’s talk about content you ‘should’ create if you want to make sales with it.

What we’ll cover

52 weeks email prompts

Nurture your audience & sell out your offers via email marketing!

Grab this 52 weeks email prompts, topic ideas and content & marketing planning tool and prepare for a whole year to nurture your peeps and sell-out. Pst, you can use these for your blogs or social media platforms too!

Here’s what you’ll get

Simplified goal setting workshop

What will you miss out on if you never achieve your goal/dream?

And what else will you miss out on if you never achieve that goal/dream?

It would hurt, I know.

So let’s make sure you achieve your goals/dreams…

This is for you if you want to have clarity, want to know how to design your goals and not just randomly commit to goals the north wind brought to you (or you read it on Insta).

If you want to control things in your life and consciously make decisions and choices that take you closer and closer to your ultimate goal.

What you’ll get

Yes, you'll get access to all of this!

The quickest business plan for non-businessy people

This 31 minutes training is for you if you don’t have any kind of business plan but have a business (or plan to have one) and just want a very quick, very simple plan that is actually aligned with who you are, what you want in life and in business.

If you want your basics sorted in the quickest, simplest way without creating a ‘proper business plan’ (a.k.a. detailed and structured)

What we’ll cover

Your happy numbers​

Calculate your Happy numbers so your financial goals, income, and money problems can be sorted. You’re not an employee. You need to think like a business owner. A business owner who doesn’t create a “job” for themselves instead creates a REAL business. Which “pays” you a salary AND makes a profit.

What we’ll cover

Simplified 90-day marketing plan

This 55-minute training video is for you if you want to know what direction you should go that matches your business, personality and knowledge.

If you don’t have a clear picture of how to get to the £Xk months/weeks/days (or other goals your heart desires).

If you want to create a realistic plan to hit your goals.

If you want the tools to take, create your plan of action.

What we’ll cover

Basic strategy planning for the next 12 months

This 21-minute training video is for you if you want to create a simple strategy for the year.

We’re going through everything from long-term plans, services, differentiators, ideal clients, outsourcing, action planning, and more.

What you’ll get

How to pick and structure your offering

You have awesomeness in you that people need to understand and need to know. This might be multiple different areas of your interest/knowledge. In this training you’ll learn about how to put together a offer that will help you scale in the future, because it’s part of something bigger.

What we’ll cover

Who would love to buy your offer?​​

You want to sell your offers just as much as anyone else. So how about creating offers based on what people want to buy? The clever way of actually creating offers is by building to people you want to work with (and vice versa). But who should you go about?

What we’ll cover

How to decide on what to include in the programme?​​

When you want to create an offer you need to think of what people actually want and not about what you ‘can sell’. 

What we’ll cover

How to price your offer​​

This mini-course is designed to help business owners understand how to price their offers correctly. And when I say ‘correctly’ I mean in a way it represents the value you want and be very intentional about it. You’ll learn about different pricing categories, how to set prices that cover costs and generate a profit, and how to make pricing decisions that are right for your business. 

What we’ll cover

Your core messaging​​

When we’re talking about messaging, I mean you need clarity. You need to very clearly tell people what’s in it for them if they purchase your offer or join you. And one of the simplest ways is by the “BIG 3”, and this is what we’ll do.

What we’ll cover

Basics of a high-converting offer and sales page/document

Every offer consists of a few elements, and this is not just the ‘sessions’ or other ‘deliverables’. It’s the whole thing. It’s what is included in your offer, which is basically covered by the 8 power components and the how you’re selling it on your website or online. Because your sales page/document generally has about 18 parts/steps in a certain order, that helps your ideal clients to make the decision to purchase from you. This is one of the things you’ll learn about in this course.

What we’ll cover

How many ways do you need to generate leads to be considered ‘safe’?

Why and how you should divide your attention and time to make sure you don’t spread yourself thin with the thousands of different opportunities to generate leads? Learn about my very simple and easy to follow approach.

What we’ll cover

How to build relationships as part of growing your business

Coming in April.

This mini-training will make your life easier as growing and selling your offers are much easier if you build business relationships.

What we’ll cover

And this!

Invitation-only Outstanding Female Entrepreneurs Facebook group

As an OMM (Online Marketing Membership member, you can join the OFE (Outstanding Female Entrepreneurs) Fb community for training on marketing & mindset and collaboration opportunities.

Basically, we’re strong on collaboration as this is the main way to do all of the above in this very real, spam-free and friendly group 👆

Looking to increase your profit without working more? This place is for you 😊

Outstanding Female Entrepreneurs Monthly Meet networking event

Every month, the 3rd Wednesday of the month (6pm – 7pm UK time), we have a free networking event you can come along to find collaboration and referral partners or even clients.

Or just mingle and speak with fellow entrepreneurs who know what you’re going through and get out of your own head.

Random Act of Kindness Day

Your 5 – 15-minute video can be added to a prominent place (guides) in the Outstanding Female Entrepreneurs Facebook group, where thousands of entrepreneurs can check it out daily—providing you with a permanent promo feature.
This is not promotional stuff, so do NOT plug your lead magnet or offer. Apart from good Karma and being part of a helping and supporting community that has your back, the point of this is to showcase your brilliance. 

Guest training opportunity

Do you want to take a step further and create training for the Online Marketing Membership? Members have an opportunity to apply to create resources, workshops and courses to help their fellow members and increase their authority.

It can include promotional material on the last page of the workbook.

What people are saying

How the Online Marketing Membership is different?

This is not a content-based marketing membership

Usually, you're facing a neverending flow of new stuff you must watch, listen to, and implement. It's overwhelming and a lot of work. Whilst you'll have access to a big and growing resource vault, the focus is not on content.

This is a question and action-based membership

You can ask me a question in the Facebook group. We do stuff, not just talk about it. You constantly need to act, test, and adjust to get clients and increase your profit. So let's get moving!

This is a for more than a membership, it's a community

Whilst me and a ot of us can reply to your questions in the Facebook group, and can chat and engage with fellow members. Because you should network, find collaboration anr referral partners!

Why can't you miss this opportunity?

If you’ve ever been stressed out by your business and tried to figure things out things all by yourself, you know how hard it is. No one can do it all alone, we all get stuck somewhere.

Apart from getting access to courses, training and to the ever growing resource vault there are two massive things the Online Marketing Membership provides;

a friendly and supportive community where you can network, find referral partners and future clients (I might even promote you)

regular personal support from a multi-award-winning marketer in the Outstanding Female Entrepreneurs invitation-only Facebook group, so that you get the needed advice, guidance and tips to thrive

Being an entrepreneur comes with different tasks, hats and unexpected curves. It can be lonely; you can be in your head too much. We all need a support system to which we can turn and belong. And I know a lot of entrepreneurs are struggling with marketing themselves. Hence I want to provide you with a highly affordable solution that can give you those little nuggets, those needle-moving pieces that bring you the change.

Here are 3 fantastic reasons why the Online Marketing Membership is the best way to get off the #MarketingHamsterWheel and generate revenue at once.

Are you curious?

Let's make sure this is right for you...

Why should you listen to me?​

I’m Viki Thorbjorn; an ex-athlete turned multi-award-winning marketer. I’ve helped clients to go from making £9M in a year to over £20M in just 9 months. Or to save 6 figures in a client’s marketing budget whilst increasing their business growth by 270%. And I helped thousands of people with their businesses and gained hundreds of customers.

I guess this is where you expect me to talk about myself in superlatives and how extremely well established I am and show you selfies with Gary Vaynerchuk, Russell Brunson, Voldemort or The Rock, or some other successful, well-known and household names, well… You won’t see that here.

But I can tell you that I worked with companies such as Avon, Jagermeister, LG, Suzuki, Ford, Microsoft Office, Drogerie Markt and Procter & Gamble and tons of smaller ones developing their marketing campaigns for around 20 years (actually this doesn’t include marketing my own businesses, yeah I started young).

I know what it takes to grow your business. I’ve been there. I trained over 10,000 people over the years. And managed to keep my members usually for 3 – 4 years.

Online Marketing Membership

What you'll get


Hop on the waiting list

Online Marketing Membership

What you'll get


Hop on the waiting list

You'll be added to my mailing list to get access to all the goodies that OFE members can

This is too cheap, why do you do this?

Let me just be brutally honest – we just experienced a global pandemic where millions lost their jobs, became homeless, and lost their savings. 80% of the population is one paycheck away from being homeless, and that’s not cool. There’s a war in Ukraine, and no; it’s not a conflict; it’s a full-blown war. Again, millions suffer from that in every way.

Living costs are rising, filling up the car costs a ridiculous amount of money, and the gas and electricity prices are soaring. The health services are overwhelmed, underfunded and underperforming. We have a huge economic crisis all over the world. Companies go under; jobs are no longer safe; stress levels, depression and many other negative ‘side effects’ smash us everywhere. And we need to get out of this.

How can we get out of this?

If we bootstrap ourselves. If we invest in ourselves and support each other. If we learn and rely on each other. If we’re creative and dare to do stuff. If we’re problem-solvers and world-shakers. And entrepreneurs are all this.

I’m not mother Theresa; I want to make money just as much as the next entrepreneur. And I want to make a difference in the world just as much as the next entrepreneur. Because that feels great.

And I know my knowledge can help thousands of people to improve their businesses, make more money and change the world. Yeah, you can say this is cheesy. It might be, but I don’t care. If you’re looking around, you can see the empty food banks and starving children. So yeah, I want to change that. And if I help you, you will be able to help in your own way. And we can do something about this.

And again, as I already created the courses and other material, the Online Marketing Membership won’t require that much time from me. Sure, we’ll meet in the Facebook group on the additional workshops but only as a group. So whilst I provide you with immense value, it will still be sustainable for me.

Because I’m running an optimised business and don’t want to work 60-80 hours as most entrepreneurs do. And offering this membership at this price point makes sense to me as I can help many people who couldn’t afford the five-figure day rate that I have as a buyer psychology expert.

Of course, you can do it alone and spend over 20 years and six figures just to make your processes quicker and create strategies, offers and content that bring you leads, build a community and sell your offers. Or, you can opt for my help.

What people are saying


No, if you already purchased a course, you will have permanenet access to it (if you grabbed it separately, not as part of any kind of membership or bundle).

With the Online Marketing Membership you'll get 12 whole months of access to all the material you see on this page. It will give access to all the things from here you haven't purchased previously.

And of course, you will get access to the previously purchased courses/training even if your OMM membership ended.

Yes, you will, but do not expect receiving anything in a printed version.

All worksheets/workbooks are either delivered in a Google document, spreasheet or PDF format.

No, you don't. If you have questions or you ask, if you need support you ask, if you don't, well you don't. 😊

There's no pressure, it's just a that I'm there for you as your backup to ask me if you need me. 😊

Nope, everything is digital.

Let me be clear. This is not for everyone.

So no, you shouldn’t join if

  • know that you’re an AHOLE… I simply refuse to work with that category, no matter how much money they offer me
  • think you have all the answers to everything – you wouldn’t follow my advice and the whole thing would be a completely useless, negative experience for both of us
  • are not ethical and just look at people like numbers/leads/seats/payment – in my book these people are under the AHOLE category
    really don’t know what you want – I can’t help you achieve your goals
  • if you changing them in every 5 minutes and are coming up with excuses for everything and I need to spoon-feed you – I want you to use your energy and focus on moving things forward instead of being an energy vampire
  • are looking for distraction and freebies – I said before; I want results and that requires commitment. Commitment in every way
  • want to use my methods and teach them for others as yours in your business – I know, it’s the obvious AHOLE category…
  • you’re racist or homophobe you rip people off

OK, so now we’ve clarified that let’s talk about who should join

  • want to know how to increase your profit without working an extra 20 hours a week
  • you know you need some help because it’s easier if you’re not facing the same things alone
  • you’re a freelancer, coach, consultant, course creator or service-based business owner or considering becoming one
    want to know what
  • you need to do to get those magical months when you work with satisfied dream clients, so you can be proud and relieved
  • might have no clue how to generate the necessary amount of leads or increase the lifetime value of your clients and sell out your offering without spending all your money on funnels and ads to free 5-day challenges and hope that some of the participants will buy
  • want to map out the best ways for you to generate money, and I mean profit, in your biz based on your personality and not by someone’s idea of what you ‘should’ do…
  • you want to grow your business and having fun whilst doing it (otherwise you could always go back to have a job that pays the bills)
  • you’re not afraid of being yourself and let people know you (well, at first it’s ok to be a bit uptight)
  • don’t have an online audience and are not Instagram famous (perhaps don’t even have 1000 followers on any social media platform)… and you don’t have a minimum of 1 year to build one before you can start selling to them
  • I needed to make this list the same length as the don’ts, so I guess accepting my idiosyncrasies is one of those useful things

Nope, this is a yearly membership that you can leave after just one year.


You'll get access to all courses, training, workshop, and support until your membership is active.

Nope. I plan to add to things to the membership and even opening up opportunities for members to teach inside of the membership, but this is not a promise.

Will see. 🙂

Although we would be sad to see you go, that's ok.


If you want to cancel your membership all you need to do is send a request by email to hello [at] viktoriathorbjorn [dot] co [dot] uk at least 7 days (Monday-Friday) before your next scheduled payment.

I'd love to, even though I can't guarantee that the sun will come up every day.


Results are not guaranteed, but results from my strategies have been proven due to consistent action, putting in the time to implement, testing the strategies and asking questions. The time it takes you to achieve your desired results is dependent upon your goals and actions.

You'll be billed immediately on the day of enrollment. From there, you'll be billed every year on the day you enrol until you're a member.

Nope, there's no refund.

I understand that the latest period might have been difficult for you. Exactly this is the reason I give access to my trainings, workshops and resources for a whole year for only £111. That's an incredible discount.

I understand that you might don't have the resources for this membership, and I don't want you to get into financial difficulties. Hence, I ask you to don't purchase the membership.

But in case you really want it, I have an affiliate program and you’ll earn 40% of every sale made through your unique affiliate link on the Online Marketing Membership. This means that if you sell three of the OMM, yours is technically free.

Sure, I do! You’ll earn 40% of every sale made through your unique affiliate link on the Online Marketing Membership.

Your link has a 3-month cookie tracking period. This means even if someone clicks your affiliate link but doesn’t buy right away, you’ll still get your commission if they make a purchase within 3 months.

You can register your affiliate account here.

Online Marketing Membership

What you'll get


Hop on the waiting list

You'll be added to my mailing list to get access to all the goodies that OFE members can

What people are saying