I’m Viki, a buyer psychology expert & marketing mentor of the year for four consecutive years.

Together, we can find out how you can increase your profit and communicate your uniqueness by leveraging buyer psychology. No more 60 – 80 hours work weeks.

You must enjoy & feel well to run a business that makes a difference and consistently brings you money. If you struggle, there’s no joy in it, what’s the point of doing that to yourself?
You need proven and tested strategies, tactics and frameworks that make sense and don’t feel sleazy and horrible.
And I have some good ones for you, but you need to pick them based on your personality.

Why should you listen to me?

I’m Viki Thorbjorn; an ex-athlete turned multi-award-winning marketer. I’ve helped clients go from making £9M in a year to over £20M in just 9 months. Or to save 6 figures in a client’s marketing budget whilst increasing their business growth by 270% – will you be the next?

I help businesses to increase their profit and communicate their uniqueness by leveraging buyer psychology through courses, templates, toolkits, memberships, mindset nuggets and VIP days.

What it's like being part of my community?

A few resources to quickly boost your results

Facebook group content scheduler

Start promoting your offer in multiple Facebook groups today without repeating yourself, and spending ages figuring out how to bring in some sales QUICKLY on social media.

Social Media Booster Kit

Everything you need to promote yourself and make sales from a planning tool, 365 engagement, 365 content prompts, viral posts, and Canva templates.

Content training

This is a simple system to help you come off the content hamster wheel for good and learn an easy way to plan and recycle your content for year(s) in advance in an hour.

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